FSB Racing Team is the first and the most successful Croatian Formula student team

It all began in 2004 when a student found Formula Student on Internet. After some persuation and negotiation with the Chair of IC Engines and Motor Vehicles and the FMENA wing of the Student assembly the project was presented to the students. After the firs meeting in which about 150 students, professors and other faculty members took part the project took off. To help us achieve our goals the Croatian Student Assosiation of Mechanical Engineering Faculties was revived, after it was inactive for several years. Today’s FSB Racing Team projects are large interdisciplinary

collaborations by students from different faculties of Zagreb University (FMENA-Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, Faculty of Economics and Business, Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences, Design studies of the Faculty of Architecture). The project is supervised and supported by FMENA and mentored by dr.sc. Darko Kozarac. The project has many aspirations – from promoting and developing technological culture in Croatia, supporting and developing students’ creativity to promoting Croatia and Croatia’s academic education worldwide.


Our achievements in the last 15 years

Over the last 15 years we have attended many European Formula Student competitions. Of course, the most important thing to point out is the 10th place from 97 in Silverstone, one of the most demanding competitions. It also takes last year’s nearly repeat success with StrixR in Silverstone, winning 12th place. The table right shows all our successes in the past years.

What we can help you achieve

Applying knowledge in practice | Motivation for work | Teamwork | Learning about new experiences


  • 2006 – FS Bruntingthorpe, Great Britain, 35 – 72
  • 2007 – FS Silverstone, Great Britain, 24 – 103
  • 2012 – FS Silverstone, Great Britain, 24 – 103
  • 2013 – FS Germany, Hockenheimring, 56 – 75
  • 2014 – FS Silverstone, Great Britain, 10 – 97
  • 2017 – FS Hockenheimring, Germany
  • 2017 – FS Hungary, Gyor, 13 – 41
  • 2017 – Alpe Adria
  • 2018 – FS Silverstone, Great Britain, 12 – 81
  • 2018 – FS Czech Republic, Autodrom Most, 19 – 36

Formula Student is a competition of students of faculties of technical sciences in conceptualizing, designing and production of a single-seater race car adhering to Formula student’s rules.

The competition is designed to stimulate innovation and the students’ ability to apply theoretical knowledge learned in university. The evaluation is divided into static and dynamic part. The static tests consist of Engineering Design, Cost & Sustainability Analysis, Business Presentation and Technical Inspection. The dynamic events are Skidpad (Figure of 8), Autocross/Sprint acceleration, endurance and fuel economy.
The cars need to pass technical inspection to ensure safety on dynamic events. These technical inspections are carried out by people with lots of motorsport experience in F1, WRC or touring car championships. The main focus of the competition isn’t racing and lap times, but rather innovation and application of theoretical knowledge in a practical environment.

One of the key parts of the competitions is financing since the entire project is financed by sponsors and donors. This is where the team members show their marketing and managing skills. The first competition happened in 1980s in USA, and later the competitions were held across the world. Today there are over 20 countries which host competitions. The largest ones are in Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Austria, Hungary and Spain. The competitions are organized by societies such as iMeche-Engleska, SAE-SAD, VDI-Njemacka etc. They incorporate engineers from different industries and motorsports (F1, WTCC, DTM etc.). The competitions are international, therefore there can be over 100 teams from entire world competing.

HSA-SF (Croatian Student Association of Mechanical Engineering Faculties) was established in 1995 on the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture in Zagreb by a group of ambitious and hard working students.

It operates in Croatia with the primary purpose being bringing together students with common interests. Other goals of the society: forming a strong collaboration between the University and the industry and with various companies, better information sharing and connecting students with each other and with administrative bodies of the university, organization of various sporting events, travelling and other activities.
When it was established in 1995., the society had three branches – Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture in Zagreb, Faculty of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering
and Naval Architecture from Split and Faculties of Mechanical engineering from Rijeka and Slavnoski Brod. Because of various circumstances HSA-SF was inactive from 2000 until 2003. Today, HSA-SF is a non-profitable, independent, and non-government association which has about 40 members from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture who are interested in motorsport, the result of which are: first Croatian Formula student team – FSB Racing Team and FSB Karting Kup. HSA-SF was responsible for many projects accomplished either on its own or in collaboration with other associations.
HSA-SF also closely cooperates with other FMENA’s associations such as HUSZ-Euroavia Zagreb, Croatian Association of Naval Architecture Students, SUI 3 and with Student assembly and with some associations from other faculties from Zagreb. HSA-SF has had a diverse history, hard working and accomplished history, and we hope to improve it with our own hard work and knowledge.

  • 1. Kongres studenata strojarstva Hrvatske – studeni 1996.
  • 2. Kongres studenata strojarstva Hrvatske – studeni 1997.
  • Europski kongres studenata tehničkih fakulteta – 1998.
  • jedrenje i ronjenje po Jadranu – 2000.
  • razne stručne i turističke ekskurzije i posjeti ( Rio de Janeiro, München, Graz, Rim, Frankfurt, Beč…)
  • Career Day (FSB) – 2003. – 2008.
  • Smotra sveučilišta (Zagreb) – 2005. – 2008.
  • FSB Racing team – 2006. – danas
  • FSB Karting kup – 2005. – danas

Team members

Matko Skutari

Team Leader

Matija Juraić

Head of chassis

Paolo Berljavac

Head of suspension

Leon Malnar

Head of powertrain

Mislav Bošnjak

Head of aerodynamics

Niko Trumbić

Head of production

Mark Marasović

Head of marketing