As the situation is currently more stable than it was about two weeks ago, we wanted to share a short statement with our sponsors, partners, followers and friends about the future of the team’s project.

Dear friends, followers, sponsors and partners,

it is our greatest accomplishment to say that the whole team is healthy in this tough times. We are all at home with our families and keeping ourselves safe.

The future of this project was never uncertain. The show must and will go on! During the last couple of weeks we had online meetings, gatherings and will continue to do so until the situation gets better for us to go back to the Faculty, to our beloved workshop and continue the work we have started.

This year, all the official competitions are cancelled. But there is a possibility that all the static events will be held online, so that we can show you what we have done in the past year. It is not easy for us to stay at home after we invested so much time and energy in our project VulpesR (FSB-RT06R) but we will continue with the work as soon as possible.

The idea for this and the next year is to finish the project we have started, take part on the competitions’ static events we enrolled in (FS Netherlands, FS Switzerland, FS UK) and to finish the next generation FS car for the season 2021.

As the current circumstances are not letting us finish the project for 2020 yet, we are giving more attention to the static events for this year and the concepts for the new generation for 2021, safely from our homes.

The team’s main focus right now are the static events which will most certainly be held for this year. Also, this years FS car will be finished and we will do a major testing on it so that we can have a better insight for the next generation. All the concepts which were newly implemented and later will be tested on our VulpesR will also be a good base for testing all the concepts for 2021. After all, the main team’s task is to learn and pass on the knowledge to the next generation. We decided that COVID-19 will not stop us on our mission and we will continue to do our best.

We also wanted to thank everyone who helped us on our mission and we promise that we will do our best to keep you proud! But safety first!

We hope you are all well and taking care of yourselves.


FSB Racing Team